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Friday, May 3, 2013

Recent Continuing Education Courses Attended by Dr. Davis

Importance of Continuing Education 

Q: Why is it important for dentists to attend continuing education courses? 

A: Dentistry doesn't stand still. The dental profession is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of both patients and practitioners. The ADA (American Dental Association) supports a growing number of continuing education initiatives to keep dentists on top of the latest tools, treatment methods, scientific research and business practices.Pursuing continued education in the dental field can be beneficial in several ways. For a dentist who is currently in practice, ongoing continuing education ensures that his or her patients have access to the latest diagnostic, preventative and treatment methods.Source:

Q: How will these specific courses develop Dr. Davis skills of expertise in dentistry?

A: 3D dental imaging is an up-and-coming technology that is increasingly becoming the standard of care for dental treatment planning. The technology significantly increases diagnostic accuracy for implant dentistry, periodontal disease (gum disease), endodontics (root canal therapy), airway evaluation for sleep apnea, TMJ evaluation, pathological conditions, and orthodontic treatment. The 7th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging Conference increased Dr. Davis' knowledge on the benefits of 3D imaging in the dental office, the newest technological advancements in the field, and the latest software advancements. The Davis Dental team plans on adding this technology to the office in the near future.

Dr. Sclar's immediate function course is designed to bring implant surgeons up-to-date with the latest techniques for full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Dr. Sclar is a world-renowned implant surgeon whose practice focuses primarily on esthetic implant and soft tissue surgery and whose experience and expertise has significantly advanced the field of implantology. 

Traditional dentures have for years been the standard of care for people missing teeth, however, since the introduction of implants to dentistry, implant-supported prostheses are now becoming the standard of care. There are many benefits to such prostheses, especially those that are fixed (not removable):

  • stability similar to that of natural teeth
  • functionality (ability to chew and speak) similar to that of natural teeth
  • maintenance of the bone that supports teeth (after teeth are extracted, the bone that once surrounded the teeth tends to resorb or shrink over time. Because of this, dentures will not fit well causing lack of stability and function creating sores and discomfort within the mouth)
  • esthetic appearance similar to that of natural teeth
  • no risk of decay or cavities
  • feeling whole again (patients who receive this treatment feel like they have there natural teeth back. They can eat and smile like they used to when they were younger)

Dr. Davis is excited to attend this course to stay up-to-date with the most advanced techniques for implant surgery and restoration and is enthused to bring this type of life-changing
treatment to his practice. 

Recent Courses Attended 

April 2013: 7th International Congress on Full Solution Dental Treatment Planning - 3D Dental imaging

Event Description:
The International 3D Congress on Dental Imaging - a unique two-day experience - will provide you with lectures and demonstrations of real 3D imaging applications in dentistry. The workshop is brought to you by i-CAT, award winning cone beam 3D system. Join us for an intimate setting and get perspectives from knowledgeable industry experts and colleagues on real 3D imaging applications in dentistry during lectures and breakout sessions. Enjoy many opportunities to network and learn.  

May 2013: Dental Implant Surgery 

Event Description:
A 3-Day Course Presented by Anthony G. Sclar, DMD, Juan D. Cardenas, DDS, and Uli von Haussen, CDT, at the Sclar Center in Miami, Florida.
Learn the prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory protocols and procedures required to predictably provide graftless, full-arch immediate-load prosthesis for your patients.
This course is designed for clinicians with intermediate to advanced experience in implant dentistry who desire to provide graftless solutions for full-arch immediate-load prosthesis for edentulous patients and those with terminal dentition. Emphasis will be placed on diagnosis and treatment planning, prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory protocols, and procedures for fabrication and delivery of "All-on-4-or-More" full-arch immediate-load provisional and final prosthesis.