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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dr. Davis' Latest Dental Implant Case

Achieving Optimal Esthetics with Dental Implants 

Many people don't realize that an esthetic smile not only requires beautiful, symmetrical teeth, but also requires that the gum tissue contours be symmetrical and to the correct proportions. One of the most challenging procedures in implant dentistry is to achieve ideal gum tissue contours in the esthetic zone, otherwise known as the upper front teeth, or the teeth you see when you smile. In the above case, we were able to achieve these ideal contours perfectly, making tooth loss virtually undetectable. This patient broke off his front tooth due to trauma leaving it unrestorable. The remaining root was extracted and an implant was placed immediately into the socket. An impression was made during the time of surgery and a customized healing cuff (seen in the above photo) was fabricated and screwed into the implant that same day. The purpose of the custom healing cuff was to preserve the original gum tissue contours. Without it, the gum tissue would collapse in toward the socket changing the ideal contours and compromising a perfect esthetic outcome. After the implant had healed and fully integrated to the bone, the final restoration (crown) was fabricated, resulting in a beautiful smile. No one will ever know that this patient lost his front tooth.

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