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Friday, March 3, 2017

Gum Recession: Causes & Treatment

Many people suffer from gum recession. It is more common than you may think. Most of our patients realize they have a problem with recession when they have symptoms including: sensitivity to hot and cold, sensitivity to sweets, and even tenderness when brushing. Luckily, there are treatments to help gum recession, and ways to improve your oral hygiene routine to prevent gum recession in the first place, or at the very least, keep it from getting worse.

Gum Recession Causes & Treatments:
-          Brushing too hard or used a hard-bristled toothbrush: Changing the way you are holding your toothbrush and using a soft or extra-soft bristled toothbrush can help keep gum recession at bay.

-          Periodontal Disease: Being properly diagnosed and treated for periodontal disease can help stop recession in its tracks. Unfortunately, it won’t repair what has already been lost, but can prevent it from getting worse.

-          Trauma to gum tissues: Trauma from sharp foots, playing sports, or the constant use of toothpicks can initiate recession.

-          Ill-fitting partial denture: A poor fitting denture can add unwanted pressure to the gum tissue, leading to recession.

-          Genetics- some people have thin or weak gum tissue: Genetics play a role in overall oral health, including recession.

-          Prominent tooth roots or crooked teeth – can push gums out of place: Orthodontics can help move tooth roots into the proper positions and prevent gum recession.

-          Smoking or other tobacco product use: Any type of tobacco product use is detrimental to oral health. Tobacco use and periodontal disease go hand in hand. Avoiding or discontinuing the use of tobacco can stop recession in its tracks.

If gum recession has progressed so far that gum grafting if necessary, seeing a qualified dentist to have the procedure completed is essential. Dr. Davis has performed many successful gum grafting surgeries and takes pride in using the highest quality products for the best results.