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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Orleans ICOI (International College of Oral Implantologists) Winter Symposium

         DR. DAVIS is attending the ICOI Winter Symposium 

Purpose in attending conference: learn the latest technology and techniques for implant surgery and restoration. Dr. Davis is specifically interested in learning more about a new technique used for improved, quicker healing after implant surgery. This technique uses the patient's own blood to produce growth factors that are applied to the surgical site at the time of surgery producing predictable results and a more comfortable and faster recovery for the patient. Dr. Davis is excited to bring his knowledge back to Davis Dental in Bountiful. 



  1. My mouth brust with the bad smell . please give me any idea how can i remove it.
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  2. Thanks for sharing advance technology of implantation and restoration for the treatment which completes in a comfortable and faster recovery for the patient.