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Monday, January 9, 2017

Top 5 Reasons 6 Month Dental Appointments Are Important

  • Plaque and Tarter Removal: A dental hygienist does a much better cleaning job than we can perform at home. Using specialized instruments, he/she is able to remove hardened plaque (tarter & buildup) that can be detrimental to our oral health. 

  • Oral Cancer Screenings: The dentist and/or the dental hygienist will perform an oral cancer screening. They will also routinely take a full mouth x-ray (panoramic x-ray) which is the only imaging currently available that allows dentists to detect oral cancer or other abnormalities. This is extremely important because if not detected early on, oral cancer can be devastating and even cause death.

  • Irregular Cleanings Can Lead to Bone Loss: Irregular cleanings allow tarter and buildup to get down below the gums, and if left untreated leads to bone loss. Bone loss leads to tooth loss. Tooth replacement options can be costly, so it is best to stay on a regular schedule with your dentist. 

  • Detection of Other Problems: Your dentist may be able to identify other health problems that present themselves through the mouth. Examples include; 

Eating Disorders- can be seen through symptoms or dry mouth and 
acid erosion along the tooth's enamel. 

Heart Disease- inflamed, bleeding gums and loose teeth could be 
signs of heart complications. Lack of proper hygiene can also
lead to heart problems because of the bacteria that is present.

Osteoporosis- receding gums and loose teeth are strong indicators 
an underlying bone issue. It won't necessarily show itself through
the teeth, but the bone supporting the teeth.

  • Full Mouth Exam: The doctor will thoroughly review x-rays, and also perform an intra-oral exam to make sure there are no abnormalities in the tooth structure. He/She will determine the best form of treatment if any treatment is necessary. These routine examinations are essential to maintaining good oral health and preventing potential problems. 

Dr. Davis performing a thorough exam.

Here at Davis Dental we strive to give our patients the best care possible! We would love to give you an amazing dental experience! 

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Davis Dental at: 
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